A Butterfly, a Bird, and a Hand.

April 18, 2012
By Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up on love, cause when you do find it. It won't give up on you.

Loneliness only tears apart.
All the things that I have sought.
Not pleasantries to be bought.
But the many hearts I have caught
What's there to gain.
When my mind is ridden with your name.

Oh what is here that I've caught.
A butterfly to set free.
Flap your wings,
Let the whole world see.
The many colors of your beauty.

The unforgiving stares,
Is what hurts so deep.
Makes the writhing mountain,
Become oh so steep.
As I climb higher and higher,
Only seeking to find.
That what others feel in their hearts.
Is one of a kind.

Oh what is it that I've caught.
But a bird flying away.
Not wanting to be held down,
By what it might say.
About itself.
It's not the same one on the shelf.

What I feel inside,
May be cold and gray.
But what lies in the tunnel.
Is something I can not break.
The optimism, it shines through.
Not having anything at stake.
Was a cloudy day,
filled with tree's of rotten.
Is a sunny day,
One that will not be forgotten.

You see.
I'll be fine.
I will be fine.
Something to say all the time.

Oh what is it that I hold.
A hand that warms the cold.
The fingers interlocking.
My heart keeps a'knocking,
Against my chest.
You always said it the best.
Will we pass the test,

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