Beep: New Message

April 5, 2012
By soletsdance GOLD, Hoopeston, Illinois
soletsdance GOLD, Hoopeston, Illinois
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Recurring thought
Message breaks through noise
Recurring again
Not who I thought it'd be
Not who I thought it'd be
Not who I want to be with

Asking about life
Insensitve, I know yours sucks
Asking about Spring Break
You're sad cuz of me
You're sad cuz of me
My bad, pardon me

You tell me you still want me
You brought up the past
You ask me to still want you
Didn't I tell you? Did I dream it?
Didn't I tell you? Did I dream it?
I already told you, I'm with David

Ashamed I close the dialog box
You're still there typing
Ashamed I close my mind
Turn the music up
Turn the music up
Burn my concience numb

Gosh you're sweet
Why still single?
Gosh you're nice
You're a good guy
You're a good guy
I still said goodbye

You send a message
Orange blinking alert
You sent your feelings
But I won't read it
I won't read it
Can't bring myself to see it

Click the damn mouse
Shaky hand. I curse myself.
Click the damn button
But the left one's broken
The left one's broken
I left him broken

What's past is past
Gotta go to church, bye
The past is past
The song changed
The song changed
My mind remains unchanged

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