April 1, 2012
You built us up like a fairytale
Too bad fairy tales aren't real
Use to tell you everything
Cause you built this all up around me
I'm not gonna stay in your shadow
i've got my guns, my heart, that's my ammo
Loved you like I shouldn't, you were my lover
But you played me like a game, not it's over
I'm not gonna be your shadow
Thought you had me from "Hello"
I'm done acting like a poser
I'd rather act like a loser
You'd show up places where I'd be
You'd have my phone always ringing
They said you were like a stalker
Can't stand you anymore, Mr. Cocky-Player
As much as I hate to say goodbye
It's time to get real and move on with my life
I know what lies behind the mask
You say it's all cause of your past

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