"Devil May Cry"

April 6, 2012
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I hate to say it but you look the most attractive
When your bottom lip is imbalanced
Four months you were to me
Nothing but a fantasy
From now on you will be
Nothing but reality
I try to be kind,
But my heart’s fallen far behind
I know that no one will be mine
And I hate your ****ing guts
As you’re out ****ing sluts
You have it all
I wish I could act like I am, six feet tall
You never guessed
I’d suck out your blood and your breath
I’m a vampire in Vans
Who stutters and shutters where he stands
And who’s a lonely boy who’s aged himself like a man
And was in love with a boy who didn’t want to hold my hand
I’ll say your name, my throat choked with sand
From cocoa beach
Where are you when you’re the one I need?
Now all those feelings are gone
I want to be happy for you,
But I can’t help but be jealous
I wear a noose as a necklace
These fangs won’t stop digging into my skin
I need more that my own blood to live
Well the devil may cry
I might be telling a lie
You might be tell your side
Of the story, I’ll be telling mine
You might be wondering why,
I’ve got some questions for you,
But we never get the chances we wanted to
I won’t say goodbye
I won’t invite you inside
I’ll find a new spot on my wrist,
Then I’ll be so happy I’ll do the twist
You’ll find the reasons I feel like s***,
And it will make you sick,
And I’ll feel like a d***
I only held you once in a dream
I’ve no mouth and I must scream
I’ve no mouth and I must scream

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