At the Cafe

April 6, 2012
By MonPetitChou BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
MonPetitChou BRONZE, West Lafayette, Indiana
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You said goodbye
And I did not want to say okay
There was so much I should have said
But instead you just left

At the cafe
That's where I just sat all alone
Waiting for you to come back
As I stared out the door

Could it be true
Am I really just a memory
Tucked away in your distant past
With no hope of returning

Guess I should go
Should go make memories of my own
Just leave you in the dust
Yet I'm here at the cafe

Why am I here
I should go
At the cafe
I just feel at home here

I'm done waiting
On a prince that will never show up
I'll just go out there and find my own
I am finally flying

This is the end
I will finally fly on my own
No more waiting around
No more waiting at the cafe

The author's comments:
This is a short song I made up on the spot one day. I found it recently and felt like submitting it to see what everyone thinks. I understand if it's bad - I don't plan on writing songs as a career. It was just something I felt like sharing.

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