Life as you know it

March 28, 2012
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life as you know it's about to change,
whirlwinds of light over sparkling water,
life as you know it is about to change
all the routine, ordain, ordinary, necessary...

life as you know it is about to change,
simply gone, nothing left to see
now everything is back the way its never,
and i just wish it could all be the same
after this unpredictable weather
i just want to see your face again

And this life, with its billions of features
simple, though it seems
and this life, with its complex simplicity,
comes as easy as it leaves
i wish just once, now that things could be predictable
but now there are no written scenes

You tell prophesies of your own demise
And leave everything to chance
you've rolled the die once too many
I'm left with no choice but to take a stance
For or against me it doesn't matter,
this thing has gotten out of hand

and whether you like it or not
i have no choice, its got to stop
there's no ordinary cure
for all the things you've got in store

although you take a second glance
i promise youre not mistaken
and even so it appears broken
sometimes theres nothing to it but leaving it be

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