Miss Perfect

April 3, 2012
Her eyes are bright,
Outlined with gold,
Her face full of smiles,
Happy stories untold.
She puts on her mask,
And laughs happily,
Such a simple task,
Takes up so much energy.
But when you look into her eyes,
You can see straight through the lies,
And find the truth.
She’s not who she says she is,
She’s what everybody else just wants to see.
Hides behind a golden shield,
She’s the perfect girl we just want to believe.
She tries to find,
That girl on the TV.
On the radio,
In those magazines.
But by becoming her,
She’s become a worthy cause.
By becoming her,
It’s herself she has lost.
She’s not who we think she is,
She’s what everybody else would like to be,
Afraid to wipe off all the lies,
Afraid of what everyone else will see.
Not the girl we know her as,
Put together, flawless through and through.
Now the girl she really is,
Her hair is knotted and her lipstick smeared.
Time to clear,
All the lies,
Get rid of the confusion.
Time to leave the mascaraed,
Time to let down that perfect façade.
She finally lets go,
But there’s something holding her back again;
So used to relying on that mask,
She’s not sure where the real her has gone.

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