Hide Away

April 3, 2012
By Anonymous

Verse 1
The hair in your face
Hides the pain in your eyes
The sweater you wear day after day
Hides the cuts and bruises up and down your arm
You hide in the back of the class
To avoid recognition
You wear make-up on your neck
To hide the cigarette burns he gave you
The man who calls you his daughter

I wish you knew you didn’t have to hide
You have a friend waiting for you to love him
To love him like he loves you
To offer you a hiding place in his arms
The man who is your father

Verse 2
You went to church
But you just went to hide in the lobby
You hide your secret addiction
For you fear that you might be judged
You are an angel
Yet you hide your halo under in your pocket
You hide your wings underneath you jacket
Keeping you from flying away from this place

I wish knew you didn’t need to hide
You have a father waiting for you to accept him
For you to want him like he wants you
To offer you a hiding place in his arms
The man who wants to be your very best friend

Verse 3
You purchased some drugs from a dealer
And hid away in you room
The pain that day had just been too much
Your father found your body hiding in the closet late last night
If only I had reached out to you somehoe
Broke into your hiding place
If only I had helped
Maybe you wouldn’t have died trying to hide
Hiding from this dark world.

I guess now you know you don’t have to hide
Your walking with your heavenly father
You finally found someone to love you
You get hide away
Hide away
Hide away in his arms

There are others in hiding
He’s stretching out but they are just out of reach
He’s ready when they are ready for him
He sees them hiding right in front of him
But they’re so far away
He sees that they’re going through so much
They need to know they can hide away
Hide away
Hide away!
In his arms

There’s a long-haired, long sleeved boy
He’s hiding in the back of his class
He’s hiding from the world

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