April 3, 2012
Hours since I've heard your voice
Days since I've last seen your face
Weeks since I've last held your hand
Months since I've kissed your lips

I see you walking toward me
with a smile on your face
with arms wide open
I run into you and taste your lips
then you just vanish into thin air

Tears threaten to roll down my face
And I'm left with a hollow feeling
You were so close, you were right there
I could have sworn you called my name
I could have sworn you touched my face

It was just a illusion, a hallucination
I'm going insane without you

Laying in bed all alone
Holding myself tightly
trying to keep from falling to pieces
I hear your voice
I feel your arms around me
Then your gone

I'm going insane without you
I don't know what's reality or what's fantasy anymore

Am I awake or asleep?
Am I dead or alive?
Is it raining or is it sunny?

Sitting on my front porch
You kiss my forehead
And tell me I'll see you soon
The rain pours
as the sun turns you to vapor

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