Black in June

April 2, 2012
By , Solon, OH
It’s like falling off a cliff.
I have been free falling.
Knowing that soon, I would have to face the solid ground.
This constant force of gravity pushing me downward
until now. I have hit the bottom. Its over. Done.

How could this be happening?

Taking steps back, rewinding our time together, i reflect.
from the first time we met, i knew it was something special.
it wasn't just another crush.
it wasn't the way you looked.
it wasn't the way you talked.
it was the way you looked into my eyes.
those glossy, radiant, brown eyes,
looking not only at my surface, but digging deeper.

for the first time, i felt something. something real.

your smile made me smile.
your laugh made me cry.
your pain made me hurt.
your kiss made me fly.

how could i throw away something so special?
how could i mess up so badly and ruin it all?

but through my journey, i've traveled to many new places.
i've learned about myself.
i've grown. matured. felt. hurt. all because of you.

so instead of sitting here, aching, with my face in the dirt,
i'm going to stand up. tall.
and keep moving forward.

because this has been an experience.
a truly wonderful experience.
lessons have been learned.
memories have been made.

now, it's time to move on.

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