Brave Enough

April 2, 2012
I have secrets deeper than the Dead Sea
Or any cut on my body
Now I see it in my dreams

No criticism can hurt me more
Than what’s in my head
All the thoughts never said
I was never brave enough for

Because the monsters outside
Are all resting now
And the reason I have cried
Is living inside
This is the monster of my design

All the thoughts never said
The monster is in my head
I was never brave enough for
Thinking I was better off dead
God I still want to live

The truth is sinking in
I’m screaming
Don’t let this be the end
All I needed was a hand
Please don’t let me go

All the thoughts never said
I’ve been screaming in my head
I’m not okay
I won’t be fine
Read between the lines

I’ve never been brave enough
I’ll be brave enough for
Letting anyone know
You can’t know
The pain I felt
How do I feel
All these thoughts cutting away at me
Cutting me
Are saying
They’ve said
All that needs to be said
Because I’m not brave enough

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