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April 1, 2012
By miranda13 BRONZE, Jerlusam, Arkansas
miranda13 BRONZE, Jerlusam, Arkansas
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what happens in the past stays in the past you go on to bigger and better things

If u r talking behind my back ur in a good position to kiss my ass

I feel so alone right now I feel like I don't even know you like I use to the way your treating me now its like you don't even care about me any more its like its been weeks since Ive heard a trace from you what is it that I did to make you feel this way

Baby why do you incense on hurting me for? Why do you have to try and change me for? You said that you care about more than any one else then why aren't you showing it

I feel so alone right now I don't want to make this decision cause I know if I do I will lose you forever. But why do I want to stick around waiting on you. Thought you was the one for me But if you loved me like you said you did you wouldn't be able to stay away from me like you do

Ive been stuck here hoping to hear from you, i don't even remember the memories that I had because the person in those he is long gone. What happen to him that's who I want back But baby I'm sorry but this is good bye I cant wait around forever hoping I'll get the old you back

Baby why did you incense on hurting me for? Why did you have to try and change me for? You said you loved me like no other, Then why didn't you show it

The author's comments:
The thing that inspired me to write this song was me not getting to see or talk to my boyfriend. I was getting to the point to where I didn't feel loved and I hope when you read this that it makes you think hey do I really deserve to be treated this way.

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