Sweet Symphony

March 31, 2012
Dark beauty of rain
You feel its tiny pellets
There never was any pain
Can I lay here and
All day
Feel your heartbeats raining hard against your skin?

It's---a beautiful sound
Its true
It is beautiful
Because of you

Sunlight of day
Allow me to walk
The thinning street another lane
Lost in a search
Only for your eyes
Your beautiful lie leaves me
Restless at night

A beautiful lie
From you
Only made beautiful
Because of you
From the dark eye of night
You can see
What you're doing to me

Made beauty by you
Your heart's sweet smile

What is your name?
I seem to forget
In the midst of this pain
Here I lay and I vy
To forget about the world
But to forget you is to
Pause the sweet music heard from the first day
Leaves only silence
To let you go
Rain rain go away

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