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March 16, 2012
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh........(2x)
They judge you for who you are, even though they don't know you.
They try to tear you down, when they think there right but their not.... no------..... their not.
They say that you are different even though your not, we are all the same.
You are perfect the way you are, you should not them get the best of you.
Don't let them see your tears, that means that they have won.
I see the real you, a person with feelings who is kind.
They don't see it, but only I do how about you my darling.
You do not care about what they say, but only I do.
You need to know I'll be by your side for rest of your life.
They judge you by your voice.
They judge you on how you look.
They judge cause you bi.
They judge you on how you walk.
Don't let them bring you down you are strong----------!
So don't let them judge you for who you are---------......
You are an angel, you are beautiful that is true but you are always judged.
Oh oh oh------.... oh----------.
They...... Judge you but you don't deserve this pain.
You stick up for yourself, and you never cry for help.
Yeah that's what makes you special because you are strong.
You don't need no person to help you.
They judge you cause your hair is weird.
They judge you cause how you sing..... Oh.
I'm telling all of you that I'm not taking your crap no more.
Cause I am strong and I always will be.
You'll never tear me down again....... you'll never tear me down-------
Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh.....

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