All I'm Fighting For

March 27, 2012
By MysticIndigo SILVER, Kent, Ohio
MysticIndigo SILVER, Kent, Ohio
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The light dawns the window,
my eyes break from sleep.
My conscious over and swiftly I creep

Back down the hallway
and listen for signs
of any of my people reading between the lines.

But there's no one who knows,
no one who dares to see
the helpless and hopeless atmosphere
around me.

For someone to know,
for someone to show me
what I'm fighting for.
For someone to live,
for someone to give me
All I'm fighting for.

The hallway's eyes glare
with a sultry
kind of stare
that forces me to rethink myself.

The reasonable question
"Am i good enough?"
Comes up again.
My answer is "No"
I have
(2nd chorus)
Someone who knows,
Someone who'll show me
what I'm fighting for.
Someone to love, and live,
Someone to give me
All I'm fighting for.

So where did you go, Love?
I used to be so full Love.
Am i not worth, Love, the time?
Where did you go , Love?
My chest is empty, Love.
Can you bring back the time
when I had...
( 3rd chorus)
Someone who knew,
Someone who showed me
All I'm fighting for.
Someone who lived and loved,
someone who gave me
All I'm fighting for.

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