Keys to Different Doors

March 27, 2012
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Chorus: Oh my baby don’t be insecure
You’ve got so much worth living for
Life has given you many keys to different doors
Not all of them are a path to another war
Honey just close your eyes and hope for the best
Because you my darling deserve no less
Verse 1: Don’t base your future around what he did
Don’t let your past forbid anything
Don’t block out opportunities because of your fear
Realise your strengths and happiness will be near
Reframe: The future doesn’t depend on that one guy
Just hold your head up high, brush away your tears and say goodbye
Verse 2: Fight through everything that blocks your way
Let your worries go and stand tall in the rain
Life may have pushed you down to your knees
But hold my hand and we’ll run through the breeze
Open your eyes and you will see
The goodness in your heart and the joy your smile brings
Remember you hold many keys to different doors
Just open the lock and the paradise that lies ahead will be all yours

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