Song about a User

March 27, 2012
By Anonymous

Verse 1: I didn’t think we would end like this
Acting like the other doesn’t exist
I was deluded to think you were mine
When you were faking all this time
Chorus: Guess what baby you didn’t break me down
I’m still standing both feet on the ground
You thought you had me with those pretty brown eyes
But it didn’t take long to find out all your lies
You never cared, you had no intention
You just wanted to be the centre of attention
Well I hope your story gets in the news
Of how you used a girl and lied to her too
And had her think she meant something to you
Verse 2: You never made an effort to like me
You made an effort to pretend
Does it break your heart to know,
That there is no heart here to mend?
Bridge: Don’t think I’m new to this kind of abuse
I’ve been there, done that it aint new news
If you’ve been wondering why I’m not upset
Let’s just say it’s because you’re gonna be doing the regret

The author's comments:
This is just about some stupid boy, we all know one of them right?

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