Bleeding Hearts

March 26, 2012
By YouGotNoSwagg BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
YouGotNoSwagg BRONZE, Woodbridge, Virginia
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"Everybody Wants Happiness, Nobody Wants Pain, but You Can't Have a Rainbow Without a Little Rain." -Anonymous

My heart is bleeding,
You got me in the hole,

I think I’m in hell,
You brought me here today,

I don’t think I will stay,
I’m tired of you and your lies,
You gonna make me cry all day,

I wanna let you know that I’m all over you,
So don’t feel bad for leaving me this way,

It takes just one more lie to break my heart,

It takes one more lie to tear us apart,

Then you leave me here in pieces and no one left to pick them up,

You go on walking like you own the world,
But on the inside you know you’re scared,

Who was I to think that you even cared,

So now my heart bleeds,
More and more every time I look at you,
Maybe it’s time that I decide that we are through,

It’s because of these lies,
That we could never be,
I always thought that when you looked into my eyes,
That you loved me,

Now this hate settles deep inside of me,

My heart is bleeding,
I won’t stop you from leaving,

Let you walk out that door,
And hope you don’t come back anymore,

Just leave, leave with the pain you brought,
Leaving me with a bleeding heart,

Now I bleed out everything I had for you,
You say you did everything you had to do,

Cuz I’m in hell,
You brought me here,

I can’t believe it has come down to this,
I still can remember our first kiss,

This hate,
This heart,
Bleeds into one,
Making sure that I’m done,
With you,

Hoping you don’t show up at my door,
With a knife in your hands,

Ready to stab my heart with everything you have,

Yes, this is my heart,
It bleeds, but never dies,

It’s my heart that who cries,
My heart won’t bleed,

For you,
Never again,

My heart,
It’s bleeding,

Go ahead and leave,

I won’t stay,

It’s just lies to break my heart,

And you’re tearing me apart,

I guess only I can fix this bleeding heart,
And it will bleed, bleed, bleed

The author's comments:
I want people to know that some people aren't worth your suffering and that if they aren't, then don't worry about them because chances are, they don't worry about you.

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