This world was ours

March 26, 2012
By WithShatteredWings SILVER, Choteau, Montana
WithShatteredWings SILVER, Choteau, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
You are everything I want cause you are everything I'm not-Taking back sunday

Everything you do in life is insignificant but it is very important that you do-Gandhi

Happiness is an inside job- papa

This world was ours
You now do as you please
Walking hand in hand
To set fire to the damned

In God we trust
There is no trust in government
If we want to make a difference
We must create our own movement

Actions can hurt but your words cut us deep
Who do we turn too when you’re all thinking subconscious?
We take the blame when someone busts up our face
But you let the bad go, because of their religion or race

Who cares if we’re gay, bisexual or black?
You’re the ones who are pukes, fakes and jerks
If you can’t accept who we are, we’re simply fact
Nothing is perfect; we’re all caught in the act

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