March 25, 2012
By ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
ABove SILVER, Hollister, California
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floatin' with the waves,
everyday pulls me into a new haze,
everyday is just another phase
of this game that repeats itself just the same,
I'm looking for a new outlook,
perhaps one less cooked or less influenced by books,
i just want something new to do,
something that won't be a ruse or a situation where i must choose,
between the one that i loved or the one that I'm afraid to lose,
damn, its about time i spread my wings and flew the coup,
i need to start over and plant some new roots,
cause right now i can't find no ladders I'm only slidin down shoots,

I'm just lookin for a place to belong,
right now I'm stuck in New York and my names King Kong,
my life needs a new theme song, but the lyrics are wrong,
my minds on fire with these ideas like it just got hit by napalm,
my mind is at war like Vietnam, i need to bring out the atomic bomb,
end it all and become permanently calm,
made that up like a psychic reading your palm
a lyrical god,
who's a little mentally odd,
who's vocabulary is very broad,
workin out the lyrics sendin my brain on a jog,

i use words like Webster,
i let them sink into your noggin and then they begin to fester,
no chance, better luck keepin up with Devin Hester,
no one knows my skill, in Limitless i took the pill,
so what's the deal, you think you have the ability to vocally kill?
no chance, none, nill. last time i checked I'm still king of the hill.
I'm bad like Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. Damn, just gave myself the chills.

My lyrical melodies,
f***in with you're head like you just committed a felony,
I don't care what you're tellin me,
i ain't buyin a god damn thing you sellin me,
goin berserk call it a calamity,
driving you to the point of insanity,
while I'm loving myself like vanity,
make you look ignorant like Shawn Hannity,
you all rap about getting high and elevated,
while i rap about hopefully getting one day celebrated,
i keep my thoughts to myself, I'm purposefully jaded,
cause I don't feel like having my life raided,
sorry, but consider my mind gated,
my lyrics are weird, deep, and complex.
No way for you to mentally ingest,
better luck eating the paper in hopes to digest,
consider my tongue and my mind blessed,
cause i can scrape on the rest who claim they're the best,
just played y'all like chess

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