Goodnight my Sunshine

March 24, 2012
By havecouragetocontinue DIAMOND, Los Alamos, New Mexico
havecouragetocontinue DIAMOND, Los Alamos, New Mexico
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Goodnight my Sunshine

Dawn is only moments away.

Goodnight my Sunshine

Worry not in the dark,

The light brightens as soon as it fades.

Goodnight my Sunshine

If you're ever out under a clear night's sky

And the stars twinkle down over you;

Smile to them,

Smile for me,

Smile and know I'm smiling for you.

Goodnight my Sunshine

There is only so much hurt a heart can hold

And I'm so sorry my darkness bled into your day.

Goodnight my Sunshine

Keep beaming that halo of a smile;

It brightens the darkest of shadows

And it took my breath away.

It still does now.

But you don't smile for me anymore...

Smile, smile for her,


Goodnight my Sunshine

Love is just a dreamland away.

She'll know what you are when she sees you;

The beautiful, The wonderful, The brilliant

Sunshine you are.

And she won't let you go.

So let go now.

Close your eyes.

Goodnight my Sunshine

I hope your days are long and bright

And your nights are short and sleepy.

I'll take your darkness.

I'll take your tears.

Just please don't forget me,

Under the stars.

Goodnight my Sunshine

Let your eyes close

And be happy now.

So forget me

By the forget-me-nots.

Goodnight my Sunshine

Your dawn is just on the horizon,

Only a blink away.

Goodnight my Sunshine

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