Monster in Mirror

March 14, 2012
By MizzNera GOLD, Inman, South Carolina
MizzNera GOLD, Inman, South Carolina
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There are eyes that watch me wherever I go
There are lies I’ve told to hide my soul
Nobody knows me oh
Nobody cares
They see what it is they wanna see
The rest don’t matter no
I am trapped beneath the weight of a world that is so cold
A world that wouldn’t care if I turned to dust
But the worse thing of it all is neither do i
I don't even no myself anymore
*I am drowning in a river of tears
Self-inflicted fears
That all that I am is all that ill ever be
That its not the world I’m afraid of
*But That the monster in the mirror is me
And I can’t face the world alone
I can’t face what the mirror holds
Every time I look for something to help me get through
I find yet another reason to hide
The only solace that I can find
Is buried so deep within the lies
That I can’t break free
Who can save me?

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