Shine a Light on My Despair

March 17, 2012
Shine a light on my despair.
Go ahead. I don’t care.
Deep in darkness I can’t bear
I hang myself with brooding airs.

Keeping secrets from myself.
Who knew life could be so unkept?
I try and try to find comfort somewhere
But all my relief asks for too high a fare.

Why give into human desires again?
All it brings is a never ending bargain.
Bartering for life or death,
Destroying all signs of good health.

What happened to sleep?
Who cares? Apathy is a constant beep
Repeatedly ringing in my head
As soon as I’m audacious enough to think of bed.

I try to write out all my cares
Living, breathing, seething helpless airs.
Now myself and darkness are the only pair.
Shine a light on my despair.

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