Can't Let Go

February 21, 2012
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Although we fuss; Although we fight,
for some reason I can't let go.
I may say I don't like you; I may say I hate you
but deep down I know I love you so.
I may say rude things and say I don't care.
But we both know I do.
Through all this mess, I can't let go.
And that proves I really love you.
You might make me upset, might make me cry
but I just can't let go.
I just love you too much.
I'm going to love you till the world blows.
There's not a day that goes by
when you don't cross my mind.
But I seem to always put on a front
like without you I'll be just fine.
Most of my friends think I'm crazy.
They look at me like I'm slow.
But they don't understand that when you're in love
you just can't let go.

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