March 9, 2012
By MaCherie BRONZE, Daytona Beach, Florida
MaCherie BRONZE, Daytona Beach, Florida
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When the war was finally through, we danced long before the noon
and the distant fires were all put out by the wind
and a secret pact was made that the lines would not be drawn
for the last peace treaty was made
now, the king with his fiat gave a new fortune down
one of gold, one of fields, one in chains
and my young wife she cried, but I led her from the crowd
and the savannas burned again

Now, the Teacher he was ripped between his taxes and his trip
but I was busy hanging lanterns in the woods
for a festival was planned and Lindsey took me home
and the Teacher was left where he stood
Elora fought with my young wife over who would lead the song
but Angie brought good news
"There's a God who stopped the war." but a girl who stopped your blade
unaware to any truth

Now, far away the news came that 'cross the ocean noir
a revolutionary fell to gazette lines
while they strung him up his neck, the President got away
and he took all the children for his fines
And the Teacher called mo down to his study for a chat
we talked of politics, of war, of a cure
to the fences growing faster, you are freed, enslaved the master
and the wood were moving for the fewer

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