A Perfect Day

March 11, 2012
By Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
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The sun is shining.
And as you think your first thought.
You planned this out
You will face what you have sought.
Just a beautiful day,
Only helping out your marks.
Ones that have held together all that you are.

So you look at the rain.
On a day you can't believe that happened.
Listening to the words being talked.
The feet that are tappin.
Along to the sound rain drops.
You wonder.
How can a day like this even happen.

Such a perfect day, such a perfect day.

You take your first step, with all your pride.
Letting it fuel your every stride.
"This is my day I'll make it mine".

You stare at the rain.
Wondering what could of happen.
Drowning out the kids, and all their hands clappin.
As you replay the events of this past day.
Thinking there's not much to say.

Such a perfect day, such a perfect day.

You stand in front of your peers.
And their gazing stares.
Giving your speech, not caring who cares.
Thinking of how you made it this far.
Tears in your eyes as you see your past behind you.
All the memories of your friends The ones who stood beside you.
Now you've gotta think.
You've got your future in front of you.

Now you're staring at the rain.
Not believing this day has happened.
How could so many years go so fast.
How is it your childhood is now your past.
You walk into the rain, knowing it will never last.
Knowing it will soon become a day in the past.

Such a perfect day, such a perfect day

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