March 11, 2012
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Somehow the years went by too fast.
Last year around this time you were just fine; you were okay.
And suddenly you went downhill, suddenly things just got out of hand.
Suddenly the crumbled walls around my heart suddenly went back up.
When I saw you I didn’t believe it was you. And when they told me you didn’t have long to live; I couldn’t believe it
No, no it can’t be time.
Life’s passing by too fast for me; you can’t be leaving me this soon.
Come on, please get up, I know you have it in you.
You can’t be leaving me this soon.
It’s just so sudden.
There were times when you were getting better and then you had a setback.
I couldn’t keep up with the pain because inside my head I was picturing you were okay.
But I knew I couldn’t keep that up for long.
No, it can’t be time.
Every year of my life you were there. You’re like my guardian angel you protected me from the world.
Now suddenly the roles are reversed.
Suddenly I’m the one who’s Gotha figure it out.
Life’s passing by too fast for me; there’s no way you’re leaving me this soon.
It’s just too sudden.

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