Wings Of An Angel

March 10, 2012
Verse 1
Tear's fall down her face in the middle of the night
Walk's to school tried, and full of fright
Bottle's up the secrete in the world she can never trust
Living with a heart that's full of rust
She try's hard to stand tall
But it's hard when she has no one their to chatch her when she's fall's

She's dream of one day of having wing's of an angel
Standing at a place where she is beautiful
Pleading to give her wing's to fly to a place
Where their's no pain, but grace
But her dreams give her wing's
To be somewhere their are big smile's, and angel's that sing's
Being their with wing's of an angel
With a great man who not hateful

Verse 2
The next day she walk to school
Another place where she act like she's so cool
No one know what's really inside
Knowing she smile's at other pain, and cry's
She cover's her arm's and leg's everyday
When the teacher see she says
It's nothing but her fault
Ignoring the kindness of an adult


One day she run's to her room with blood, sweat, and tear
And she's know's it's time of what she feared
Her dad burst in her room with a gun
She know's their no place to run
She see the empyness inside his eye's
Know's what he also went through pain's, and cry's
Open's her eye's she at a wonderful place
Looking up to a woderful face

She finally has wing's of an angel
She could never be more greatful
She look down and say's " i'm happy now
You shouldn't be sad but proud
I see you crying i'm finally flying
So don't be sad don't feel bad
My wish came true
My wing's of an angel is because of you

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TheKayster said...
Mar. 12, 2012 at 3:03 pm
really like it!! its inspirational! also, there are a few grammatical/ spelling errors that you may want to fix! But other than that its awesome!
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