Tell me

February 28, 2012
It's like me and you were ment to be.
My words are so coherent, but lets not let this thing end.
Cause we got it going like a bike, just take my hand girl.
Lets get lost in this world together, and make the most of it.
It's the least we owe one an other, let this moment define what we been missin our whole lives.
Smile for the picture, baby who cares what they say bout us.
When were feeling down lets fly away like nothings wrong.
Some things are ment to be, who know we would come together?
In this world, now you name with mine is ment forever.
We will never break apart, it's a fact. Dont u feel it in your heart too?
Who knows what to do loves unpredictable.
How much longer am i able to go on? I swear its gunna be the thing that will kill me.
But baby if thats the case let it be, because nobody can replace what u make me feel. Make my heart skip a beat, its a bit of a trip.
Oh your not just anybody, i need your body next to mine.
Having me go insane, by making me do things i never had before.
Never wanted someone as bad as you boo ohh noo.
it dont matter where your at ur on my mind constant, got ur love coming at like a wave crashing to shore.
Changed my life in an instant, never had these feelings before.
Tell me have you had thoughts.
Of u being my wife, if only you knew boo.
The thoughts i have about us starting a family and spending the rest of our lives together.
It makes me shiver a bit, tell me u want it just as badly as i do boo.

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