March 7, 2012
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I see you from a distance
Ever so often do our eyes meet
Black expressions as they do
You're a ghost, invisible to me,invisble to me

We are so close,yet miles apart
You lost your acess to my world, my heart
But it feels werid now with your empty spot
You're a ghost, unbenounced to me,unbounced to me

You were my forever
Us again never
What happened to happy ever after
You're a ghost, unoticed by em, uniticed my me

Everything was going great
But now all I can do is wait
Wait to see what happens next
You're a ghost, unseen bye me, unseen by me

You turn away when you see me
You said you wanted me, but how can that be
I question all that's been said before
You're a ghost, gone from my world and my life, my world and my life
You're just a ghost to me now

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