March 6, 2012
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Rose petals fall on a shallow grave
I guess I fell in love today
It wasn't some epic romance
no tragedy

But it was slow
quietly and soft
sneaken up on me in the dark.
filled all my corners
n' gave me the shivers.

So I got nothin to hide
I gave it all I got

it started with a riddle
ended with a rhyme
don't get me wrong though
its not over by far

but the stars started to sing
and this grave of memories
putten them to bed
pressen play on my dreams

guess he took me for some kinda fool
saw me talken to the moon
but I never made a claim
to sanity

so I'll walk alone
just for a while
kill all the daydreams
fillen up my mind
say a sweet prayer for me baby
cause we need patience and amazing grace to get through this.

Just, please, oh please, don't give up on me
And I, I'll be good to you
but that's the end of this cliche

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