Tears for the Suicide

March 5, 2012
Verse 1:

This symphony of blood

You play the dark cords

Of chaos and conflicting pain

Along the heartstrings of your dying fain


Pushing, shoving

The lies scream in your ears

Tearing, burning

The black hole tears

Verse 2:

The chain of grief chokes you

Their faces grin in mischief

Your demons prowl in the night

Dragging you from the light

(repeat Refrain)

Verse 3:

The poison of sweet

The gall you drink for please

Pulling you further down under

Your soul continues to plunder

(repeat Refrain)


To you, in the darkness

To you, who is chained

His Light dances before you

His Hand reaches for you

Can’t you see what this darkness does?

It kills, tortures, spits you out!

Why fight the demons anymore?

When His Light can set you free forevermore?

(repeat Refrain)


You crawl helpless on the ground

Drinking the sweet gall of lies

Heaven raining precious tears in cry

Love, why, why do you want to die?

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