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March 6, 2012
By jr.miranda1994 SILVER, Everson, Washington
jr.miranda1994 SILVER, Everson, Washington
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Favorite Quote:
The good die young

He raps for a living
People are hoping he slips
Got verses like full clips
Lighting up all the bill boards
Yet nobody understands his words, kids look up to him
Yet he's not even done growing
In his mind he knows his the one, he's mentally ready to take the world
his dream is becoming a reality, it's not really about the salary
All the rhymes comes to him so naturally, he's writing his own story
Rhyming so well so he can make history
Wants to be like or
Drake or Lil Wayne
Say he sounds insane but he has the skills of an artist


He loves to kill it for the thrill
Say he's ill cause of all these sick rhymes
Seems that his dreams came true
Goin back home with all these tricked out rides
Now tell me didnt he kill it with that wicked rhyme
His time now or never get ready it's about to blow

His flow is so evident
Words so coherent, clearify so well dont need to verify
Makin it feel so syfy goin by quicker then a drive-by
People pick up on him everywhere WIFI

The author's comments:
I just felt like publishing another piece. I really just sat down and wrote this right now.

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