March 4, 2012
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You’ve been there for me
Longer then I’ve known
And right now I don’t
Know how to survive

I need you here with me
And no where else
I don’t want you to go
I don’t need anybody else


It really sucks now
How you can just let it go
Let it slip without trying
Don’t you know?
I love you
I always will
If you don’t stay
How will I get stronger?

I wish you would try
Help yourself, for me
Don’t you remember?
All those good times we had
And all those bad

You were with me
Through them all
You can see I need you
Don’t just stand there, please


I'm not gonna let you leave me
I'm not gonna watch you quit
I can't stand here anymore
I need guidance, comfort, hope
And strength

Chorus (2x)

Momma please don’t go

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