Can't Let You Go

March 4, 2012
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Verse 1:
Run to the sun
fly so high
upstream dreams
not one lie
chasing dreams for our sake
god can I just have a break
chorus 1:
im searching high and low
i cant just let you go
your running way to fast
dont forget our past
baby I need you
til the day we say I do...
verse 2:
am I trying way to hard
come back please im not that far
we can own this land
but all I need is your hand
you always fill my soul
when you hold me in the cold
looking back now
cant bring me down
chorus 2:
im still searching high and low
i refuse to let you go
im running way to slow
i just need to let you know
baby I need you
til the day we say I do..
i wont let you go (no I wont)
dont leave me (please dont)
lets just runaway (just run)
doesnt that seem fun (very fun)
[chorus 1]
[chorus 2]

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