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March 3, 2012
By IAMYARNISE BRONZE, Perryhall, Maryland
IAMYARNISE BRONZE, Perryhall, Maryland
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I met my lowest and killed her, Now im at my highest and Im never coming down.

I've hurt a lot of people in my life , on the inside and out.

I've judge people , by there skin color , the way they dress,

the way they look.I've took for granted every thing i have in my life and the people in it.

I've formed a hatred so strong for everyone, because the pain people caused me. Instead of living my life

I've held on to that angry , that hurt , and that plea for someone to reach down and grab me and turned

it into a wall greater and stronger then the wall of china. I smile at times to hide back how i truly feel , I blame everyone else in my life, for my I'm perfections , I beat myself up, when I've failed something i knew i could do, But didn't have the courage.Ive hurt the wrong people.Ive walked a long road of my own, looking around trying to find my place. Ive carried my trust issue from one person to another, because i fear that someone will try to do something to betray me.Ive rather have things gIven to me, and i rather not gIve back. I hurt people, because i feel as thou, there going to do something to hurt me one day. Ive let my pride and ego get in the way of me, Doing things, and saying how i really felt because i thought it was a weakness.I hold on to the past, because i don't want it to happen again, So i try to take every foot step slow. I'm imperfect and yes i have many flaws, But i have the courage and the heart to accept these flaws, and too work on these flaws so i can be a better person. Someone once told me, '' I'm a be a old lonely grumpy women , yelling at people to get off my grass''. Lol , it may sound funny but its reality. If you spend your whole life hating the world, not cherishing the things you have in your life, Taking everything you have for granted, and not appreciating your family, your closest friends, the things you have in your life, and yourself. Just think , when you get into a argument with your mother or father, or something just pisses you off and you feel like ''f*** the world''. And '' F*** my life''. Someone has it 10 times worster then you.And you can read this and think whatever the hell you want , But one thing you cannot say that she was weak or fearful. But that she has courage and fidelity to her life and herself to make it better for her and the people that surrounds her.

The author's comments:
This is not a poem, But a confession to myself.Something I've held deep down inside of me.Something that I've kept hidden for so long, and was afraid to show it because i didn't want to face it. but now that I've grown I've learned the only way that you can grow is if you face your true self, if you learn to acknowledge whats in the inside and out. And accept the fact that you are imperfact. And what you can change, Change but make sure its for the better. not to make things worster. Don't change because someone ask you to change because you want to.never be indenial of what you feel, Accept it and work on it slowly. Progression takes time. you cant just wake up and expect it to be gone, you have to wake up and accept it, and figure out ways to get rid of it.

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