I Came, I Saw, I Conquered

February 26, 2012
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Listen up,
I have something to say, something to get off my chest, a little secret I want to shed some light on.
I'm through with you and all the drama you bring to my damn life!
I can barely breathe any clean air when I'm next to you- that's not to say you smell like a petting zoo, but sometimes you act like a rampaging bull.
I get it,
you came, you saw, you conquered- but at what cost?
Treasure, gold, pleasure? I hope you're satisfied being friends with the "Human Velcro."
Don't come back to me,
I'm better without thy...presence.
Call my name all you want- my decision won't change and my ego won't back down like a spider web from Spider-Man's dusty red suit.
You told me I treated you like an animal that ran away from the zoo...can you blame me?
All you ever did was boss us around like small orphan children giving remembrance of little Annie,but let me tell you something.
You haven't been through hell yet- what if I had posted this on the internet with a link to your Twitter or Facebook page?
Last verse, last line, last one in the back of your mind, no lie.
I came, I saw, I conquered-
your mind, my soul, our roles in life.

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