Your New and I Can Tell

February 26, 2012
By Free_One PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
Free_One PLATINUM, ????, Ohio
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Your intoxicating, infuriating,

Totally in love with your tie

I can’t get enough and your mine yeah

Your new and I can tell!

yeah yeahaa Yes!

Your new and I can tell!

You do it well

You run through my head

never have slept

since you arrived

You talk like you know me

you do thing slowly

Ohhh Oh oh!

Your new and I can tell!

You do it well boy!

So darn well boy!

Ohh Oh oh!

your new

and I can tell boy

Ohh oh oh

Yeahaa aa

Ohhh oo Yeahaa

Your new. . .

And I can, and I can, and I can


Why do you make me feel this way?

Why do you do this to me?

Your infuriating! Intoxicating! So complicating!

Ohh oh oh! Your new and I can tell

Oh yes I can tell boy!

So very well boy!

Your new. . .

Your new. . .

oh oh. . .

and I can tell




yeah. . .

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