Space Thief

February 15, 2012
By conner smith BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
conner smith BRONZE, Waverly, Nebraska
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A short, short time ago
In a nebula very, very near
There lived a man named Mell who was wanted and feared
He made a living by taking from those who were good
But never gave back like Robin in the hood

He grew sloppy with his ways, by then he was caught.
Galactic jail he went for thieving so bold.
He waited and wondered as he sat in his cell.
What will life be for sad little Mell.

Two years later, not a day without pain.
Never again will he commit a crime.
A normal life for him he did now want.
Selling goods like any stealthy trader.

Mell was a wealthy thief who loved to live off of others.
He was careless with a job and wound up in jail.
When he is released, he starts a new life, not as a thief, but a black market dealer.

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