To Break Free

February 26, 2012
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He gave me flowers
And I wished them speed to wilt
Feeling guilty
‘Cause I don’t feel any guilt
But they all love him
They wouldn’t understand
They say I should feel lucky
To have him as my man

They all have their opinions
They think they know what’s right
And how I should be feeling
When I fall asleep at night
But Mama I can’t tell them
‘Cause there’s no way they could see
When it’s a kindly boy like him
Against a troubled soul like me

I don’t owe him anything
Except common courtesy
I know he’s honest and polite
But that don’t him right for me
And he always disapproves of
Everything I have to say
I know that no one else will see
But I am right to walk away

Mama I’ve thought long and hard
Over what I’m about to do
If indeed it would be wrong
If I should follow through
But let the good Lord be my judge
And not this little town
I promise I’ll be gentle
When I go to let him down

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