Painted by Anarchy

February 23, 2012
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Vent anger; repent feeling, my attribute to slit to my appealing. Chaos is my theory, irrelevant to my greed, a thief of your ideas in mind, a fear to eat inside you to die and bleed. Chain your lifeless end an ascendance to no return a death to bear and your past to burn.
Lie for truth, and beg for your life as it becomes guilt, forgiveness will not help you, more sarcastic ways to build. Remember your future as it thinks of you; thank your luck for a scream; pain that you can’t choose. React don’t cry, impact don’t die, in my thoughts again, not welcome for any strangers; vain in there end.
A clash of ideas rage in disparity waiting to be found, the lost vertex of a mind to learn, a song I listen to with no sound. You call me a creep, you leave me die here, you wrong me to seep into it, seek pure.

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