The New Generation

February 10, 2012
By Patrick Erickson BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
Patrick Erickson BRONZE, LaVista, Nebraska
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Isn’t it strange?
We are all something of the man
Something we are all binned into
It never lets go,
Never goes away
You will need more than prayers
To clean this infection
As we walk on this corroded ground
Looking for an antidote
I find myself stuck
To these questions
With no answers
Behind these masks of lies
We stand
With visions of destruction
I close my eyes
Only to see
My own reflection
But this is a new generation
One that will take a stand
Where change begins
A new generation
So lets watch
The world, come up
This might be the only way
I can show you
Don’t blink
You might miss a scene
Keep one eye open at all times
Carry a pair of eyes
In the back of your head
Better not blink
You never know
What’s coming
Around the bend

The author's comments:
I was inspired by the government taking control over everything. I don't like how the "man" (government) is taking more role in everything than people can deal with. We have no say in anything. Us, this new generation needs to change the world and take a stand, we can overcome anything that gets in our way.

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