January 19, 2012
By veganlove BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
veganlove BRONZE, Seattle, Washington
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Death is on the horizon, don't you know?
And you are the setting sun.
So beautiful to look at, but it hurts at this hour.
I wish to spend the night with you,
but at sunset, it is over and done.

The day is quickly ending, don't you know?
And you'll only enjoy today.
You measure time in minutes, but it goes on forever.
I wish to share the truth with you,
waiting 'til sunset, too long a delay?

You think you live by sunlight, don't you know?
Something proven, something seen.
Daylight is not forever, but you live like it will.
You deny the invisible,
but at sunset, all is revealed.

All you see is sunlight, all else you deny as true.
You don't sense that loving light,
resonating throughout the world.
Sunlight might sustain your body,
but it'll never save your soul.

What's going to happen to you?
What's going to happen to you?

What's going to happen to you?
What's going to happen to us?

When daylight fades to night.

The author's comments:
I wrote this song the 22nd of December, 2010, when I had been going out with my fiance for only a month. I cried because I was afraid that his logical, scientific mind would never come to believe in God.

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