String Of Pearls

February 4, 2012
Seashell therapy ocean crying to me

Calling out my name in the rain in a down-storm symphony

String of pearls around her neck she wished for something more

Just so she could feel different from before

She just wished for something more

So she could feel like there was a happier time before

Violent violet cut me cut me please

I could name a thousand different emotions

But you never expressed any of these to me

She just wished for something more

One day there would be a new life further from the shore

Heart sealed behind a puzzle I could never guess

I paint the straps and frills alike and than I see the dress

A metaphor of the string of pearls that tie us all together

But I can't kiss your moon tonight have I lost you forever?

He just wished for something more

He just wish he could have done something more

Shine just like a pearl, polished and serene

Venus butterfly of mystery and charm to soothe me

Every kiss is like a spark to enflame, would that matter

But now the heart has cracked like a crystal vase that shatters

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