February 6, 2012
Casted out for being me,
Was thinking too much,
Too soon,
Questioning everything.

I didn’t blend in with the crowd,
I had a thing for standing out,
Now nobody is stopping me,
And now its time for me to be free.

Nothing is standing in my way,
Nothing will ever be the same,
Once I take the stage,
And bring down the reigns.

I won’t stay away,
From that shining spotlight,
You won’t pull me away,
For I will fight till the end.

I am gonna’ push the crowd away,
To show what they have yet to see,
Knowing what risks that I take,
But I need to be free.

Just believe in me…

For I am breaking down the walls,
In a world where I don’t belong,
That is why I am breaking free,
To a world of possibilities.

I will scream out loud,
And dance all around,
With my two left feet,
I will be who I wanna be.

You just have to believe,
All you need to do,
Just believe in me.

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