Such a Beautiful Tragedy.

February 2, 2012
By Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
Marcasaures PLATINUM, Justice, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
Never give up on love, cause when you do find it. It won't give up on you.

Am I that simple boy you've been dreaming of?
Or am I just so much more?
Are you the one that I've been searching for?
The things you say take my breath away.
I wish it was that easy for me to stay.

We're moving on now.
It's not time for us.
I promise I won't cause a fuss.
You'll find something better.
and I'll find something new.
It's easier to say things then to do.

Our boats have sailed.
Not all at once.
I'm the titanic.
And you're my iceberg.
You'll bring me down.
Just to save the girl.

Wish me luck.
Oh I'll wish you some too.
I'll wish you never pop out of the blue.
Call me terrible.
I'll call you unbearable.
Your simple lies didn't make me fine.

Five and zero now.
and I have all the luck.
I wish I didn't have to be the barer of bad news.
One of you will let this anger all ensue.
Come on girlie now, why don't you just move on?
You going to break me down like you're a don?

Oh this anger has made me bitter over the years.
Crushing social crutches, making all new fears.
Will I ever love again?
I'll tell you a Yes.
But I swear.
I will never let a person take advantage of me.
Nor will I ever see the way they see.
I'm not perfect.
and You guys aren't as much.

Oh I'll bet you.
You'll get an forgiveness card all so soon.
I forgive you for what happened.
I'll remember the pain that ensued.
I have a conscience, I'd like to keep it intact.
But don't think a relationship will even enact.

Oh 3 strikes, are you down and out?
I will never quit, I'll show them what it's about.
Took one in the chest, will you be alright?
I will be, cause I'll go down with a fight.

I'm moving on now.
and So will you.
That boy you once loved.
Is a dream that won't come true.
I have my whole life.
You have yours.
I'll find the person, I've been waiting for.

The author's comments:
I've went through, situations, and I guess you can say. This was my closure.

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