Who I am

February 1, 2012
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Who I am will always be
I know it won’t make up for who I was not in the past
But now I know who I am
Too many who don’t know me I am probably just a nobody
But hell naaah
I’m so much more than that
You just don’t know
Because you don’t give yourself a chance know me
Friends always start off by being strangers
But you won’t know if you don’t take a chance
If you’re not a chance taker
You’ll miss out on me
Or at least getting to know me
No hurt feelings though
Just don’t judge me when you hear me or see me
Because you don’t know me
If you’re already a friend cool
If you’re a hater I love you too!
I don’t really mind which you are
Because you won’t make me or break me
Who I am will always be

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