February 2, 2012
You're all the same person,
Lieing, cheating, and cursing.
Is it so hard to be yourself?
Instead of being that same toy on the shelf?

You want internal happiness.
Filled with hopeful things and bliss.
Is it so much more then all of this?
Waiting for that eternal person to give you a kiss.
But even as much as you'll try.
You won't help but miss.
So the best to do is say goodbye.

See It's not so simple as you think.
Not as normal as rain nor as you blink.
So why try to be part of something new?
Why don't you try to just be you.

You want to avoid eternal sadness,
I'll give you just one rule.
Avoid all the influences that will make you cruel.
Even if all kids say, "It'll make you cool"
A nice word can go a long way.
So why not give that to someone everyday?

You all could be different people.
Yes It's true.
But you can't avoid all the things that make you.
So, Make this a staple in your life.
No matter how hard the strife.

Be you, and no one else.
Find love, the joy that it can bring.
Be so happy, that you could sing.
Live your life and all your needs.
Plant the future and all It's seeds.

Have a kid that you'll give the whole world.
Give life a chance, give it a whirl.
Grow old with that special girl.
Give the world a chance, give it a twirl.
Don't flush your life away and watching it swirl.
Just live every moment as you see fit.

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AddisonLauren said...
Feb. 6, 2012 at 2:32 pm
I liked your writing. It had a nice flow to it.
BleedNLove replied...
Feb. 7, 2012 at 11:53 am
this was rlly good. I read it more than once. finally someone else thinks the same way I do. :) great job!! 5 stars!
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