spreadin' wings

January 27, 2012
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V1 I felt the wind blowin’ in my hair
Messin’ it up
But really I don’t care
I have a lot on my mind
And buying my time
With a penny or a dime

V2 Trying to figure this out
Where am I goin’
Tryin’ to figure this out
Who am I?
Then I realize

C- I’m me for my failures
And strengths
I’m me with my head high
Not carin’ what they think
They call me crazy
(Call my crazy)
But there’s one thing I know
I’m more than a mask
More than show
And I will show them what I know
I don’t have every answer
But I know this I’m me
And lettin’ go
To set me free

V3 they can say I’m ugly
But the words they say zip by my ears
And I know it gets better
Yea I know I can make it through

V4 and I may be buying time
But at least I’m not hidin’
I’m lettin’ me shine
Shine bright
And I know

V5 Yea I’m lettin’ go to finally show
I’m more than a mask
I’m me
Spreading my wings and trying to fly
If I hit the ground at least I tried

V6 No more buying time with nickels and dimes
I’m gonna shine, shine bright
No more listening to hateful mouths
I’m me
Yea and I’m spreadin’ my wings

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