The music in me <3

January 23, 2012
By Anonymous

Their music, runs through my veins,
Oh it just pumps, my, blood,
The secrets are here to stay and keep me aaawwwake
Running through the minds or something greater, (there’s no time to spare)
on this dry laaaannd, wee can make something more

These feelings are too much to handle, seems they’re runnin’ away (so far away)
Playin’ my heart now!
Beatin’ on a drum! Strummin’ strings of a guitar!

(This is still a work in progress, but i would still like your feedback and what you think of it. Thank you!:) and P.S maybe somone could help me with the title?;) )

The author's comments:
I actually wrote this song to express and show the love I have for my favorite bands.:) <3 It has a slower intro than the chorus. The lyrics actually came to me while I had my eyes closed just listening to one of my favorite bands:) so it's really special and close to me.

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